Total Divas Recap: Nattie Gets Jealous, Paige's Wedding Doubts, Dusty Rhodes, More

This week, Nattie is back in the spotlight as she rages about TJ spending so much time with his tag partner, Cesaro. They even have each other as their phone backgrounds, which admittedly is a little odd. Nattie feels neglected. Paige teasingly asks her if she thinks TJ might be gay. Nattie's understandably not happy with the prospect of her husband having a secret gay affair.


Honestly, TJ and Cesaro might make a better romantic couple than TJ and Nattie. I mean, they seem to communicate better and there's less dysfunction there. TJ has finally found someone he can watch Japanese wrestling tapes with 24/7 and not have to come home and find out they've adopted 25 cats or moved their annoying sister in without even asking. No wonder she's concerned.

A phone call seems to smooth over things between the married couple but, really, perhaps it's only matter of time between we find out TJ is divorcing her to be with Cesaro. Who wouldn't leave their wife for Cesaro? Straight or gay, it's a no-brainer.

Paige, meanwhile, is planning her wedding to Kevin. Why don't they just get married live on Raw in a WWE ring? What could possibly go wrong? While they're in Mexico, the girls all go and try on some fluffy white veils. Man, I was sort of hoping she'd be a goth bride and walk down the aisle dressed like a Tim Burton character.


Anyway, Paige doesn't look that happy about all this wedding fuss, and she reveals to Alicia that doesn't actually want to get married and only said "Yes" because she didn't want to lose Kevin. Yeah, I kind of figured that when she accepted his proposal with about as much enthusiasm as the crowd have for an Eva Marie match. Man, poor Kevin. Hopefully she'll break it to him on next week's episode. It's a little sad if the first time he heard of this was tonight when he was watching the show. Can you imaging chilling out on the couch with some potato chips to watch your girlfriend on TV, thinking everything is fine, and hearing that news?

There's some sadness on the Total Divas this week as the girls hear about the passing of legendary Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. Rhodes used to train some of the women at the WWE Performance Center, so it's hit them hard. Nattie, in particular, seems pretty broken up about it.

In two subplots, Naomi gets mad when she finds out Alicia recorded her twerking at a club and put it on social media without her permission. Wow, if Naomi is mad about that, imagine how furious she's going to be when she finds out E! have just aired it to millions of viewers on live TV.


Meanwhile, Nikki and Brie are shocked to discover that their estranged father has blocked them on Instagram. Oh, and he's having a new son soon, which they had no clue about. Is their dad Ric Flair? This whole episode feels like a PSA on the dangers of social media.

Next week: Dolph Ziggler tries to steal John Cena's girl!