Vampiro Rants On Network Executives And Lucha Underground Returning To TV

Wrestling legend and Lucha Underground color commentator Vampiro posted an incredibly outspoken rant, mirroring the frustrations of wrestling fans everywhere wondering when (or if) the promotion will ever return to television.

The following are select quotes from the post, edited for clarity, and you can check out the entire thing on Vamp's official Facebook page.

"I need to vent, and I hope that the people involved in deciding what's next for Lucha underground read this.

I have said many times in my career, that without fan you ain't s--t. Yes, there are big names attached to Lucha Underground. There are a lot of very, very cool people behind the scenes; many of whom I consider friends for life. Some I owe so much to for letting Vampiro live again.

And there are some people, talent, who f---ing suck as human beings. Maybe they are important for this business, I don't know, but as human beings, I can't name names, cause it won't do nothing but cause a rift. But I will say it - you suck. And I am sure there are people who are sick of me, and just don't like me, and I get that, and I don't give a f---. But, together, we are LUCHA UNDERGROUND."

Vampiro continued, this time speaking directly at the network executives responsible for making the final decisions on Lucha Underground's fate. He noted that "you can't buy fans", and that without the support of the fans all around the world, LUCHA is "just another wrestling show."

"We asked for love, we got mad, mad, mad love. Now we are leaving too many people hanging for too long. We are hot. [Lucha Underground] is the s--t. But you f--- around too much, and sooner or later people forget about you."

... "LU has made me feel like living again. Like I have a family, a home. And I miss my brothers and sisters."


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