Vampiro Talks Hating WCW, What He Would Say To A WCW Reunion, If He Still Has Heat With Konnan

Recently, on the Steve Austin Show - Unleashed!, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin sat down for a two-part interview with Vampiro. Vampiro covered many topics during this interview, including his hatred for WCW and his heat with Konnan.

When Austin asked Vampiro about his time in WCW, Vampiro said, "I f--king hated WCW." He continued, "WCW could go f--k themselves ten times over. If WCW had a reunion today, I would buy a ticket just to tell them to suck my d--k."

Vampiro stated that he had a similar negative experience in WCW as Austin and that the only positive that has come out of his time with WCW is that it garnered him the fan base that he enjoys today. Vampiro indicated that WCW brass would tell him they didn't have anything for him and that they didn't understand his character.

"I just didn't fit in, and, at the time, there were a lot, a lot of big d--ks swinging," Vampiro recalled. "There [were] a lot of somas being used, everyone was all steroided out of their minds, there [were] stupid amounts of money, and there wasn't a lot of room for a new guy like me to come in and light a fire under a lot of people's asses."

To make matters worse, a lot of wrestlers who had influence behind the scenes such as Lex Luger, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash were against Vampiro because of the problems he had with Konnan from their time in Mexico together, where other wrestlers would play them against one another. In addition to telling influential wrestlers to bury Vampiro, Konnan would tell Eric Bischoff that Vampiro was a problem. Apparently, Vampiro's backstage feud with Konnan continued until the two had a five hour long discussion.

"I took him aside in WCW and we went into a room and I said, 'we're either going to f--king kill each other right here, right now or this has to stop, man, because you're f--king with my livelihood and I can't stand it that every time I see you, I don't know if you're going to jump [me] or what the f--k, so if we're going to fight or something, lets just get this over with.'"

Fans of Lucha Underground know that Vampiro takes shots at Konnan on commentary, especially calling into question Konnan's integrity and loyalty to Prince Puma; however, Vampiro admitted to Austin that there is "no heat" between Vampiro and Konnan any longer.

"It [has] been a rocky road, but we're straight," Vampiro admitted. Vampiro said he recently told Konnan, "I don't want to go to the movies with you and I'm sure I'm not coming over to your house for dinner, but when I see you, I'll be the first guy to hug you and shake your hand and give you your place, man, because you went to war just like I did."

In addition to discussing these topics, Vampiro talked about his current role as a commentator with Lucha Underground, why he wanted to put over Pentagon Jr., and much more. To check out Austin's entire interview with Vampiro, click here.

Source: The Steve Austin Show - Unleashed!


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