Vince McMahon's First Words To The Rock, NXT Head Trainer In Rom-Com, Lucha Dragons Note

- NXT head trainer Matt "Tensai" Bloom stars in the rom-com The Dog Wedding (you can check out a preview for the movie in the video above). Bloom plays a lonely wrestler in the movie who meets a German businesswoman (Rosalie Thomass) while planning their dogs' wedding. Bloom spoke to Inside Track about his role in the film, and talked about making the move from wrestler to actor.

"In the ring, I had to be larger than life," Bloom said. "But that doesn't work on camera. I did that in the first scene and when I watched it back I got nauseous. Thank God the director was used to working with people without an acting background, and somehow he pulled something out of me that I didn't know I had in me."

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- KRIS TV in Corpus Christi has a story here about the Lucha Dragons visiting children battling serious illness at a local hospital before Tuesday's SmackDown taping.

- The Rock posted a cool story about attending his first WWF TV taping and meeting Vince McMahon, which you can check out below:

My nightmare aka my very first TV "appearance" when I was 11yrs old. At a WWE TV taping in Allentown, PA. Since my dad was always on the road wrestling, any father/son time we got in was great, so I was super pumped to travel with him. It was backstage that I'd meet a man who years later we'd enjoy tremendous success together and he'd become one of my strongest mentors in business - Vince McMahon. I'll never forget he shook my hand, looked down at me and said "We gotta get you on camera tonight young man!". I thought, "WHOA I'm gonna be on TV... can't wait to tell my friends... AWESOME!". So I'm sitting there in the crowd, the camera man comes over and tells me he's getting ready to shoot so be ready.. It was in that defining moment that I just realized something awful... I was just getting over a bad case of Chicken Pox (you can clearly see a few "post pox" on my face) and I thought "Holy sh*t this is terrible! The world will see me for the first time and I look like someone set fire to my face and stomped it out with cleats". Looking back at this gem of a picture, there's two things I've learned: Things are never as bad as they seem (especially at 11yrs old) and instead of worrying about my Chicken Pox I should've been concerned with the world questioning whether I was a boy or a girl. Which, for the record happened all the time to me when I was a kid. #PrePubertyWasAb---h #StopWorryingSweatheart #GetYourLittleAssInTheGym #TBT


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