Virgil Talks About His Influence On Donald Trump

Well, Virgil is at it again.

Arguably the third greatest Million Dollar Champion recently spoke to TMZ about controversial Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Virgil, who also classifies himself as Republican, says that Trump reminds him of a pro wrestler.

"People like the spectacle. People want to see confidence. He is confident just like a wrestler. All people want to know is that they can pay the bills and live a good life. They want confidence they can eat," Virgil said.

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According to the article, Virgil also claimed that Donald Trump also picked his brain about presenting himself. It's worth noting that Virgil spoke less than ten times on camera throughout his entire WWE career.

Of course, Trump has made several appearances for WWE, most notably the "Battle of the Billionaires" with Vince McMahon, which culminated at WrestleMania in 2007. Trump also hosted two of the early WrestleMania shows.

damien demento contributed to this article.