WWE Acknowledges Engagement, Update On Status Of WWE Total Divas, Daniel Bryan Going Overseas

- Daniel Bryan is headed to Dubai to do promotional work for the WWE 2K16 video game later this month. Bryan will appear at the Game 15 convention on September 11th at the Dubai International Marine Club with the 2K Sports crew.


- Last week Natalya posted a photo of Total Divas camera crews filming her and her family watching the show at her and Tyson Kidd's home. This actually revealed that another season will definitely be happening. This current season on E! will be wrapping up this fall so the fifth season won't air until 2016 some time.

- We noted before that mother of The Bella Twins, Kathy Colace, is now engaged to WWE's John Laurinaitis. The two went out with John Cena and Nikki Bella the other night for Kathy's birthday and engagement dinner. In an interesting move, WWE has acknowledged the engagement on their website and wrote the following:

"As revealed on the Instagram account of the mother of The Bella Twins, Kathy Colace, former Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis is now the future stepfather of Nikki and Brie ? and father-in-law of Daniel Bryan. The happy couple celebrated their engagement over dinner with Nikki and John Cena, who Laurinaitis battled ? and defeated ? at WWE Over the Limit 2012. Leave it to the lovely Bella women to get two old rivals to put down their swords and pick up their wine glasses."