WWE Airing Eric Bischoff Countdown, Sting Vs. Seth Rollins Gameplay, Roman Reigns On His Figures

- The WWE 2K16 developers posted this extended gameplay clip of Sting vs. Seth Rollins.

- There will be another Eric Bischoff special on the WWE Network next week. On Wednesday at 5pm EST, Bischoff will host a thirty-minute countdown special. The description reads like this:


"Eric Bischoff counts down the Top Ten Most Controversial moments of his career."

- Roman Reigns and WWE World Heavyweight & United States Champion Seth Rollins recently spoke with USA Today to promote Night of Champions and the new Create A Superstar toy line. Reigns commented on how his daughter has a lot of his action figures:

"We have so many of mine now that she can just make them anybody. I can be a servant, I can be the lawnmowing guy, I can be the handyman at the Barbie Dreamhouse. If the toilets are clogged, I'm the plumber I guess."