WWE Attempts To Block Legend From Selling T-Shirts, CM Punk And Colt Cabana Comment

After ProWrestlingTees.com launched an online T-shirt outlet for Jim Neidhart yesterday, the company said this afternoon that WWE has attempted to block the shirts from being sold due to its "exclusive merchandise contract" with him.


"WWE says Jim Neidhart cant sell his own shirts. They don't own his name nor Hart Foundation, YET HE CANNOT SELL HIS OWN TEES? So Classy WWE," OneHourTees, the parent company of ProWrestlingTees.com, stated Tuesday on Twitter. "Now I'm told they have an "exclusive merchandise contract" with Jim Neidhart. THEN WHERE THE f–k IS ALL OF HIS MERCHANDISE AT? WWE is Gross."


Colt Cabana and CM Punk, who sell shirts through ProWrestlingTees.com, commented on the issue via Twitter. Cabana referred to WWE as "Bullies," with Punk adding, "Allegedly!"