WWE Night Of Champions: Stardust And Ascension Vs. Neville And Lucha Dragons (Pre-show)

Stardust and The Ascension vs. Neville and The Lucha Dragons

We come back and Michael Cole welcomes us to ringside. He's joined by Jerry Lawler and JBL. We get a look at The Cosmic Wasteland attacking Neville three weeks ago ad what has happened since. We go to the ring and our first comes Stardust with Konnor and Viktor as Lilian Garcia introduces them.

Sin Cara and Kalisto are out next followed by Neville. Konnor starts off with Cara and they go at it. Cara fights him off and hits a nice arm drag out of the corner. Viktor tags in but so does Kalisto and they double team Viktor. Konnor comes back in and then tags in Stardust as they keep control of Kalisto. Stardust with a slam and a stomp. Fans chant for "Cody" now. Viktor comes back in and they keep Kalisto in their corner with quick tags.

Stardust comes back in but Kalisto gets the upperhand. All six men face off in the ring now. The Ascension gets sent to the floor and then Stardust. Neville and The Lucha Dragons leap out onto them and stand tall as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Stardust is in control of Kalisto. Kalisto drops Stardust but didn't see Viktor tag in and gets ran over. Viktor and Konnor double team Kalisto for a 2 count. Konnor with a big slam across the ring before tagging in Stardust. Kalisto fights back but Stardust nails a clothesline and tags in Konnor for more offense on Kalisto. Viktor comes in and goes to powerbomb Kalisto from the second rope but Kalisto turns it into a hurricanrana. Neville and Stardust tag in. Neville decks Konnor off the apron and also takes out Viktor. He unloads on Stardust with kicks. Neville with more offense in the corner. He goes up for Red Arrow and nails it but Konnor breaks the pin. Kalisto runs in but gets hit. Sin Cara sends Konnor to the floor and then leaps out onto him. Stardust ducks a kick and slams Neville for 2. Fans chant "Cody" again. Stardust misses a Disaster Kick and gets superkicked. Neville goes back to the top but Viktor cuts him off. Stardust shoves Viktor into Neville and hits the Queen's Crossbow for the win.

Winners: The Ascension and Stardust

- After the match, The Cosmic Wasteland celebrates.


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