WWE Night Of Champions: The Dudleyz Vs. The New Day (Tag Team Title Match)

- We come back from a break and see WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella backstage warming up as Brie Bella and Alicia Fox look on. We also see Charlotte backstage with Ric Flair, Paige and Becky Lynch.

WWE Tag Team Title Match: The Dudley Boyz vs. The New Day

We go to the ring and our first comes WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day. Xavier Woods talks about how we have a problem - the table poaching Dudleyz. Big E says hope is not lost as The New Day is on a campaign to save tables worldwide. Kofi Kingston plugs their #SaveTheTables online petition and claim they have an endorsement from President Obama, which gets booed. Bubba Ray and Devon are out next to a pop.

Kofi starts off with Devon as Woods begins playing his trombone at ringside. Back and forth to start the match. They go to lock up again and Kofi grabs Devon from behind. More back and forth. Kofi with a big slap to the back of Devon's head. Devon is pissed as he clotheslines Kofi and works him over in the corner. Kofi slides out of the way and goes to the floor to avoid a Dudley Death Drop after Bubba tags in. The New Day regroups on the floor. Big E tags in and dances in front of Bubba, calling him an old man and telling him to go home. Bubba rushes Big E and pushes him back on the mat. They lock up and Big E applies a headlock, tightening it to the tune of the fans chanting. Devon tags in and they double team Big E for a 2 count.

Bubba with another tag. He runs into an elbow in the corner. Big E goes to the top but Bubba cuts him off with a right hand. Bubba climbs up for a superplex and hits it for a 2 count. Kofi comes in and Bubba hits a big backdrop. Big E runs right back in and Bubba knocks him back out. Woods gets on the apron and Bubba tosses him to the mat. Woods distracts Bubba, allowing Kofi to dropkick him from behind. They unload on Bubba in the corner with several quick tags now. Big E whips a Kofi dropkick into Bubba as The New Day stands tall and Woods runs his mouth. Kofi with a knee to the face and some stomps. Big E tags in and hits a big splash on Bubba on the apron. Big E with a 2 count as Devon breaks it.

Big E with a headlock now. Bubba fights out but Big E drops him with an elbow for a 2 count. Woods is playing the Rocky theme now as Woods comes in and unloads on Bubba with punches. Bubba hits a right hand but Kofi kicks him in the face. Bubba keeps fighting and won't give up. Kofi unloads while Bubba is on his knees. Kofi comes off the top and Bubba catches him in a Bubba Bomb. Devon tags in and unloads on Kofi. Devon with a big flying shoulder. Devon nails Big E, sending him off the apron. Devon drops Kofi on his face and knocks Woods off the apron. Devon with a Thesz Press ad right hands to Kofi. Devon with a headbutt and a splash in the corner. Devon with a clothesline. Bubba tags in and they double team Big E. They hit the 3D on Kofi and go for the pin but Woods runs in and kicks Bubba in the head for the disqualification. The New Day retains.

Winners by DQ: The Dudley Boyz

- After the bell, The New Day beats The Dudleyz down and celebrate. Big E yells, "Woods! Get the tables!" and he brings one in. The Dudleyz fight back and send Kofi and Big E to the floor. Woods turns around and gets put through the table with a 3D. The Dudleyz stand tall as their music plays and Woods remains laid out on the table.


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