Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com NXT coverage. Tonight we’ll see the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic kick off!

Dusty Rhodes Classic Tourney
The Ascension vs. Baron Corbin & Rhyno

Viktor and Rhyno go back and forth until Viktor inexplicably rolls before a shoulder block. Corbin gets tagged in and worked over by The Ascension, including the “yahhh” stomps. Viktor finally ends up getting posted by Corbin after fighting off both opponents briefly.

Rhyno tackles Viktor into the corner, and Corbin comes in to plant Viktor with a huge swinging slam. Viktor is able to battle back with an STO, and gets the tag to Conor, who takes out Rhyno. The crowd loves Ascension tonight. Conor turns his attention away from Rhyno and gets Gored.

Winners: Baron Corbin & Rhyno via pinfall (Gore)

– Neville and Solomon Crowe are backstage and Neville says Dusty was instrumental in his career. Solomon Crowe is really excited and says Neville is the best NXT champion ever.

– We see a Nia Jax vignette.

Blue Pants vs. Alexa Bliss

Bliss attacks Blue Pants early and applies an arm scissors while slamming Blue Pants to the mat. Blue Pants keeps teasing comebacks, but eats double knees and the Sparkle Splash. Alexa wins.

Winner: Alexa Bliss via pinfall (Sparkle Splash)

– Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano are backstage talking to Regal about the Dusty Rhodes classic. Tyler Breeze interrupts and demands to be in the tourney. Regal pairs him with Bull Dempsey, and they’ll face Ciampa and Gargano next week.

Apollo Crews vs. Martin Stone

This one doesn’t last long. Stone decks Crews, but eats a clothesline, press slam, standing moonsault. Crews.

Winner: Apollo Crews via pinfall (standing moonsault)

– Chad Gable & Jason Jordan are backstage, and say that Neville and Crowe will fail tonight, and history is written by the winners.

– Finn Balor is backstage, and he says he’ll be defending his title at NXT’s Texas shows. Samoa Joe shows up, and it’s revealed the two are teaming up in the Dusty Rhodes Classic.

Eva Marie vs. Billie Kay

BK scores a boot early on and applies a cravate. Eva Marie drives her shoulder into BK in the corner and lands a suplex for two. Eva Marie scores a forearm and a senton, followed by a grounded abdominal stretch. BK works out and hits Eva with a hiptoss and a couple of clotheslines, and the ref stops counting before Eva kicks out in an obvious botch. Eva gets Sliced Red for the win.

Winner: Eva Marie via pinfall (Sliced Red)

– Enzo, Cass and Hype Bros are shown backstage after last week’s match. Nobody wants to party with Mojo.

Chad Gable & Jason Jordan vs. Neville & Solomon Crowe

Gable handles Crowe early until a Crowe headlock, but the crowd wants Neville in the ring. Crowe hits a flapjack and tags in Neville, who gets slammed around by Jason Jordan. Neville flips out of the corner and out of a German suplex, then he and Crowe send Gable and Jordan out of the ring.

We come back from a commercial to see Gable and Jordan double team Crowe in their corner. Gable pulls out his red towel and waves it in front of Crowe like a matador as Jordan runs into him. Gable locks on a bow and arrow, but Crowe makes the tag.

Neville cleans house and kicks Jordan over and over and over, then gives an enziguri to both partners. Neville sets up for a Red Arrow, but Gable pulls Jordan out. Instead, Neville hits a moonsault to the outside on Jordan as Crowe suicide dive on Gable.

Back in the ring, Jordan heaves Neville way up in the air, and both men are out of it. Crowe tags himself in and gets belly-to-belly suplexed and hit with Gable and Jordan’s finish for the win.

Winners: Jason Jordan & Chad Gable via pinfall (assisted back suplex)