WWE is planning a follow-up to their 2011 DVD release "The True Story of WrestleMania", this time focusing on the iconic Royal Rumble match that has kicked off every Road to WrestleMania since 1988.

"The True Story of Royal Rumble" will be their usual 3 disc DVD and 2 disc Blu-ray collection, set for an unspecified release in 2016; although it would make sense to launch in the same window of the event itself, in January. The set will contain a featured documentary, as well as matches and segments from throughout the PPV's history.

Here is a brief synopsis:

A behind the scenes look at the event that sets the stage for WWE's biggest stage at WrestleMania. Hear from the winners and losers, and the creator of the most intense match in WWE.

Source: WrestlingDVDNetwork.com