WWE's Second Batch Of Matches On The Upcoming Owen Hart DVD Set Announced

WrestlingDVDNetwork.com is posting partial lists of matches for the upcoming "Owen: Hart of Gold" DVD/Blu-Ray set each day this week, and today, they marked day two by reporting the inclusion of the following matches:

* Makhan Singh (c) vs. Owen Hart for the North American Heavyweight Championship (Stampede Wrestling - May 1988)

This was the feud that really put Owen on the map in terms of the most popular newsstand wrestling magazines, which had never covered Stampede before. Singh was Mike Shaw (Bastion Booger/Norman the Lunatic), who was an incredibly underrated worker, a very talent superheavyweight who had great matches with Owen. He would go up for all of Owen's cool suplexes, sell big for him, and just keep up with him perfectly in general. If you're doing an Owen Hart set, then this feud needs to be represented, so it's good to see this listed here.

* Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart (WrestleMania X - March 20, 1994)

This has been on a million WWE DVD sets, but it also has to be here. It's one of the very best matches of Owen's career, arguably his best WWF match, and probably his finest moment as a star. Not only is it a great technical match, but it's a masterpiece in terms of Bret laying out a match where he made sure Owen would come out of it as a heel even though he won as clean as a sheet. Probably the best pay-per-view opener in WWE history, as well.

* Owen Hart vs. Razor Ramon in the King of the Ring Finals (King of the Ring - June 19, 1994)

A good to very good match, not a great one, but it's another important moment. Owen wins with the help of brother-in-law Jim neidhart, giving him an ally against Bret, and he solidifies himself as a threat by winning the same one night tournament Bret won a year earlier. He also gives himself the great "King of Harts" nickname,

* Bret Hart (c) vs. Owen Hart in a Lumberjack Match for the WWE Championship (Portland, ME - August 17, 1994)

This match, originally shot at a Superstars taping for the Wham Bam Bodyslam home video, is a bit of a random choice. Most likely, they wanted a Bret-Owen title match on the set, and this is the one where Owen "wins the title" with Jim Neidhart's help before it's overturned and the match is restarted. It's a fun moment to see him with the belt, though this is not necessarily one of their best matches together.

* Owen Hart & Yokozuna(c) vs. The Allied Powers (:Lex Luger & Davey Boy Smith) for the WWE Tag Team Championship Match (In Your House 2 - July 23, 1995)

Another odd choice, but if you're going to include an Owen and Yokozuna tag title defense, it might as well be this one. Owen and Davey Boy always had great chemistry and their partners had a long-standing issue, so this is one of their better matches as a team.

* Owen Hart vs. Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship shot at WrestleMania XII (In Your House - February 18, 1996)

This is the blowoff to their feud that began with the reality-inspired angle Owen gave Michaels a concussion with an enzuigiri the night after Survivor Series. It was Owen's first main event level singles program that didn't involve Bret, and he made the most of it. This is an excellent match with a hot crowd and gets the ball rolling on Michaels' amazing 1996 run of great pay-per-view matches.

Source: WrestlingDVDNetwork.com


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