WWE SmackDown Recap (9/17): Reigns & Ambrose Vs. Rollins, Nikki Bella's Celebration Party, More

Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Smackdown coverage. This serves as the go-home SmackDown ahead of Night of Champions.

- Seth Rollins kicks off Smackdown, and says he's going to show everyone what he's capable of this Sunday. He says that he's going to team with Sheamus against Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns tonight, and that he's not worried about Sheamus.


This brings out Sheamus, who tells Seth Rollins that he shouldn't want Sheamus as an enemy. He says Rollins won't see his cash im coming. Rollins says he will see the cash in coming, because Sheamus looks stupid. Sheamus then tells Rollins to RTH- Respect The Hawk. Sheamus says he doesn't want this, and if he wants he can just ignore Rollins and cash in tonight.

PCB (w/ Charlotte) vs. BAD (w/ Tamina)

Becky is a house of fire early on, hitting arm drags on both Naomi and Sasha. Banks scores a big kick in the corner as we go to a commercial break. We come back to see Becky Lynch in the tree of woe, getting worked over in the corner before Naomi applies a crossface body lock. Paige gets the hot tag and runs wild, but gets rolled up by Naomi.


Winners: Team BAD via small package

- Stardust appears backstage and cuts his usual promo when The Ascension pops up.

- New Day comes out with their petition to save the tables and say that the Dudley Boyz are disrespecting mother nature. The Dudley Boyz interrupt, but won't sign the petition.

Kofi Kingston (w/ New Day) vs. D-Von Dudley (w/ Bubba Ray Dudley)

D-Von Dudley lands a flapjack early on, but is distracted when New Day pulls a table out from underneath the ring. Kofi rolls up for the win.

Winners: Kofi Kingston via pinfall

- Bella Army are backstage, and they're dressed up for Nikki's big celebration tonight. Alicia says she got 298 bottles of champagne, one for each day Nikki's held the title. Nikki says that PCB better not be invited.

- Miz hands Big Show a folder that says "confidential" on it. Big Show looks through it, scoffs, and walks away.

Cesaro vs. Big Show

Cesaro lands some strikes, but Show hits big chops. Cesaro blocks a third one and locks on a rope hung armbar, then drops a knee across Show's arm. Cesaro gets tossed across the ring, and Big Show uses his ass to attack Cesaro for the next two minutes. Show then lands a modified toe hold, but Cesaro breaks free and hits a big body press and an uppercut for two. Big Show lands a KO punch for the win.


Winner: Big Show via pinfall (KO Punch)

- Reigns & Ambrose are interviewed backstage, but won't reveal who their partner is.

Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler attacks out of the gate, but gets cut off by Kevin Owens. Ziggler and Owens do the nasty looking senton to Ziggler's back again. Yeesh. Ziggler lands a dropkick, but Owens gets a dropkick for 2 before the commercial.

We come back and see Ziggler fighting back with clotheslines, a FameAsser and a DDT for a two count. Owens drags Ziggler outside and hits a fallaway slam into the barricade, then posts Ziggler before tossing him into the timekeeper's area. Ziggler makes it in right before the ten count. Owens superkicks Ziggler, and goes to apron powerbomb him, but Ryback stops him.

Winner: Kevin Owens via DQ

Owens and Ryback brawl, but Ryback runs him off.

- Fox and Brie are shown backstage preparing for Nikki's party. Nikki comes in, ready to party, but nobody showed up, and she's pissed. She yells at Brie and Fox, and PCB comes in wearing birthday hats. Charlotte says she's going to win the Divas title, but at least Nikki will have more leftovers. Adam Rose pops up and says that Nikki's party sucks. Nikki throws her cake, and it gets all over Brie and Fox. This was pretty good.


- Summer Rae is backstage and talks to Ziggler. She says the earrings Dolph gave her on Raw were unexpected. Ziggler says sometimes a rose is just a rose, but sometimes it's more.

Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins & Sheamus

Sheamus gets on the mic and says he doesn't look stupid, but gets dropkicked by Ambrose and clotheslined by Reigns. Roman also has a clothesline for Rollins outside, then Ambrose slingshots over the top onto Sheamus before our final commercial.

We come back to see Rollins and Sheamus arguing, but Rollins still hits an awesome backbreaker on Ambrose. Sheamus follows up with a big suplex slam, and Ambrose is in a world of hurt, getting picked apart by the heels. Ambrose finally connects with a neckbreaker and gets the tag to Reigns.

Reigns hits a running Samoan drop on Rollins, followed by a bunch of clotheslines in the corner. Rollins is victim to a Rampage Powerbomb, but manages to chop block Reigns. Sheamus drops down and tries to leave Rollins high and dry, but Rollins grabs his briefcase, and tags in Sheamus when he comes to argue. Superman Punch, Dirty Deeds, victory for Ambrose & Reigns.

Winners: Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns via pinfall (Dirty Deeds)


We get a creepy Wyatt video to close the show.