WWE Superstars Recap (9/11): Neville Uses Different Finish, Jack Swagger Vs. Stardust, More

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of WWE Superstars. Tonight's show features a main event of Stardust vs. Jack Swagger.

Bo Dallas vs. Neville

Dallas drops Neville early, and Xavier Woods is using an annoying dialect on commentary to start out. Dallas beats down Neville in the corner. Dallas scores some really nice cravate knees, before scoring knee drops for two before Neville kicks out. Dallas goes right back to the cravate. Neville gets out, kicks Dallas and hits a 450 splash for the pin.

Winner: Neville via pinfall (450 splash)

- Raw recaps, how do they work?

Jack Swagger vs. Stardust

Huge "we the people" chants from the crowd as Stardust takes control and works over Swagger's left arm. Stardust tries to crotch Swagger on the ring post, but ends up eating steel. Stardust also tries to springboard in the ring, but gets caught with a big punch. Swagger takes advantage and hits several clotheslines and a Vader Bomb for two. The crowd loves Jack Swagger right now.

Stardust pulls a sunset slip out of nowhere, but gets caught in a big side slam off of a springboard for a two count. Woods says that it's easy for Stardust on Earth, because he trains in the cosmos. Stardust lands an impressive slingshot Disaster Kick and Queen's Crossbow for the win.

Winner: Stardust via pinfall (Queen's Crossbow)


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