WWE Superstars Recap (9/19): Jack Swagger Vs. Bo Dallas, Zack Ryder Picks Up A Victory, More

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Xavier Woods is on commentary again, and Adam Rose comes out in his updated gimmick. He says he's going to poop on everyone's party. Sweet!

Zack Ryder vs. Adam Rose

Ryder connects with a flapjack and a somersault neckbreaker, as the announcers talk about Seth Rollins instead. Rose utilizes the Hardcore Holly rope kick and a snap suplex before dropping a knee across the chest of Ryder. Zack fights back with a facebuster and a clothesline, followed by his double knees in a corner.

Ryder comes off the middle rope, but Rose catches Ryder with a really nice seated powerbomb. A charging Rose eats turnbuckle and a Broski Boot. Ryder finishes the Party Pooper off with a Rough Ryder to get the pinfall win.

Winner: Zack Ryder via pinfall (Rough Ryder)

- Raw recaps. All night long like Lionel Richie, my friends.

Jack Swagger vs. Bo Dallas

The two trade amateur wrestling takedowns, but Dallas cheap shots Swagger and puts the boots to him in the corner. Swagger takes out the knee of Dallas and tosses him over the top rope after struggling to send him over with a clothesline. Dallas is hesitant to get back in the ring as we take a commercial break.

We come back to see Swagger landing several strikes, but Dallas drops him and applies a chinlock. Swagger teases a comeback, but is sent outside the ring. Dallas does a premature victory lap and clotheslines Swagger in the back. Swagger keeps trying to get back in the ring, and Bo Dallas keeps knocking him down until Swagger finally tosses him overhead, tumbling to the floor.

Once Dallas is back inside, Swagger hits a Vader Bomb for two, and then applies the Patriot Lock. Dallas is in it for a pretty long time before he finally gets to the ropes. The ref backs Swagger off of Dallas, and Dallas hits Au Revoir for the win.

Winner: Bo Dallas via pinfall (Au Revoir)


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