WWE's Third Batch Of Owen Hart DVD Extra Features Announced Including Deleted Documentary Scenes

WrestlingDVDNetwork.com is on the third day of their "Owen Week," where, each day, they're posting partial lists of matches for the upcoming "Owen: Hart of Gold" DVD/Blu-Ray set each day this week, and today, they marked day three by reporting the inclusion of the following matches and segments:

* Owen Hart vs. Mankind (RAW - January 6, 1997)

This is a great hidden gem to include here. With Owen and Mick Foley close friends, you'd want a match with Foley on the set, and this is the best possible choice. For several weeks, Raw had a string of what were informally billed as "toughman" matches but were really just an excuse to do heel vs. heel matches with the best brawlers in the WWF: Mankind, Steve Austin, and Vader. Owen didn't fit into that group, but this was an outgrowth of that run of matches at a time where heel vs. heel was otherwise pretty rare. All of those heel vs. heel matches were a lot of fun and this is no exception.

* Owen Hart vs. Davey Boy Smith in the WWE European Championship Tournament Finals (RAW - March 3, 1997)

Another case of a match where, while it's been released before, it has to be on there. While they were the heel tag team champions, being in Europe (specifically Berlin, Germany), where Davey Boy was hugely popular, they worked a total babyface match full of great technical wrestling. Davey Boy was probably as inconsistent as a wrestler of his talents could get, and while he still had a number of great matches, this is probably the best individual performance he had in the '90s. Owen is with him every step of the way, both go into their old bag of tricks doing all sorts of cool European style counters, and it's really a beautiful match.

* Owen Hart vs. Rocky Maivia for the WWE Intercontinental Championship (RAW - April 28, 1997)

Owen wins a WWF/E singles title for the first time, cleanly pinning the future Rock to end his premature title reign. This was largely done to help heat up the new Hart Foundation stable, with Owen immediately grabbing the belt and taking it to a wheelchair-bound Bret (post-Steve Austin ambulance attack) at the top of the ramp. Not a great match by any means, but a great moment that absolutely has a place on this set.

In addition to those three matches, these "stories" (effectively deleted scenes from the documentary, many of which sound like Owen rib stories) were announced:

Luger 50
Owens' Birthday
Clown Nose
Shaving Cream
Hundred Dollar Goulet
Venis SuperFan
Spirited Scottish Call
Role Model
Bad News Prank
Popcorn Match
WrestleMania 12 Fan
Helpful Brother
Embracing the Nugget
Thrifty Owen
Eeyore Hall
Getting Pulled Over
Battle Royal
Hacksaw Gym Call
Slammy Beth
1st WWE Match
European Title Match
Sumo Bulldog
Blue Blazer is Owen

Source: WrestlingDVDNetwork.com


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