Xavier Woods Talks About The New Day's Creativity, How Video Games Helped Him As A Kid

- Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald recently spoke with Xavier Woods to promote WWE Night of Champions. The full interview is at this link. Below are a few highlights:

The New Day's creativity:

"We just do stuff. It can come out of nowhere. When we go out, we have an idea and our music hits, then it's like we just go and do whatever pops in our head. Then stuff happens to stick. That's why we keep doing it. I like to clear my mind and not think about where I'm going. I like to let my body do what it wants. Kofi is the same way, as is Big E. We have very good chemistry. So whatever my brain ends up doing, they're brain is going to do something that will compliment it and vice-versa. It's worked out very well."


Video games and the "UpUpDownDown" YouTube channel:

"Video games were my haven. I just didn't talk to humans at all. I was very socially awkward, so all I did was video games. Then when I started to play video games with other kids. That was the time I talked to people. So those kids brought me out of my shell and really helped me. Without them I would still be up against the wall playing my N64 not talking to anyone. So it really drew me out and made me who I am today. So I really owe my life to video games."

Woods also discussed The New Day getting their group off the ground and more in the interview.

Source: The Miami Herald