Backstage News On Who Helped James Storm Get In With WWE NXT, Did TNA Really Offer More Money?

- We noted last Wednesday before the WWE NXT "Takeover: Respect" event that James Storm was seen with WWE coach Billy Gunn walking into Full Sail University. Storm made his NXT debut the next night at the TV tapings.


It turns out that Gunn was the one who got Storm into talks with WWE officials. Gunn and Storm are said to be really good friends outside of the business and Gunn reportedly arranged for the two sides to begin discussions.

Regarding a recent report that said TNA learned of Storm attending Takeover and started throwing more money at him, that may not be entirely correct. TNA did contact Storm when they heard he was at NXT as they wanted to book him for their upcoming tour of India but they likely did not offer him more money than what they offered him last week.

Source: PWInsider Elite

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