Backstage Talk On John Cena Possibly Filming A New Project During His Time Away From WWE

- It was reported earlier via wrestling author and reporter Scott Keith that WWE United States Champion John Cena is likely taking time off after Hell In a Cell to host a new fitness-themed reality TV show for FOX. Filming is scheduled to run from October 26th until the first or second week of January and the show is scheduled to air in the spring. Cena is advertised to return to action on WWE's post-Christmas live event tour.

Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live today that Cena will indeed be filming something during his time off but we don't know exactly what it will be or for how long. Cena and WWE officials are being very quiet on why he's taking time away when they often announce if a talent is taking time off for TV or movie projects.

It's very possible that Cena will be filming a new project during his hiatus but that's not the main reason for him taking time off. As noted, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Cena asked for the time back in the summer due to personal reasons.


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