- There is talk within the company of TNA Impact Wrestling airing on another cable TV network in early 2016. No word yet on which network they are more likely to sign with but there is still a very real possibility that TNA will be off TV in the United States, even if it's just for a few weeks or a month.

When asked by people in TNA, some executives are saying that they will be on Destination America through the end of the year and then a new cable network in early 2016.

We do not know if WGN America is one of the networks TNA is talking to but WGN was interested in working with them before the Destination America deal was signed. One of the reasons TNA did not go with WGN is because the network wanted to push the Impact premiere back a few months into 2015. Talk is that TNA may be talking to four different networks.

Source: PWInsider Elite

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