Batista Worried About A Bad Performance In "Bond" Movie, More Red Carpet Photos And Video

- Film & TV Now briefly spoke to former WWE Champion Batista at the premiere of the new James Bond "007: Spectre" movie last night. As noted, Batista plays villain Mr. Hinx. Above is video from their chat.

- Batista also spoke to World Entertainment News at the premiere and is hoping his doubters will be happy with the performance. He commented on not wanting to harm the prestige of the movie with a poor performance:

"That's what I'm afraid of. That's one of those questions you can't really answer... I'm waiting to hear the feedback. With Guardians of the Galaxy, I got a lot of people who didn't want me to have the part before we filmed, and after the film was released, the guys were behind me and they supported me. I even had a few apologies, they were sorry. I hope this will be the same thing because I don't want to be the guy that's messing up James Bond. I hope they'll be happy."

- Here are more photos from last night's UK premiere:


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