Bobby Lashley Talks About CM Punk Joining The UFC, Punk Overcoming Odds As A Wrestler, More

Bobby Lashley has found success in both professional wrestling and mixed marital arts, going 13-2 and becoming a TNA World Champion. Next weekend, he looks to avenge one of those losses against James Thompson at Bellator: Vengeance. In promotion of the event, Lashley spoke out about other wrestlers fighting, namely CM Punk.

Lashley spoke to AXS TV's Inside MMA this weekend about the transition from professional wrestling to mixed martial arts for the polarizing Punk

"I'd tell him to not let anybody put him into something he's not ready for. He's going into it 0-0, so I have no idea what they're going to do it with him. A lot of people who made it into the UFC had to fight and claw, so they're going to have to bring in somebody else who's 0-0." Lashley said.

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Lashley mentioned that despite Punk's relative inexperience, he's watched CM Punk battle the odds for a long time. Being the underdog is something Punk embraces, and something Lashley thinks is a good thing.

"I do like CM Punk," Lashley said. "He doesn't fit the bill of a WWE guy. He's not Brock Lesnar, The Rock, a big guy. He overcame the odds to become one of the best wrestlers in history. Punk likes to overcome odds, and he likes to overcome odds. He's a hard worker."

Lashley then wished CM Punk the best, and put over his decision to train at Roufusport in Milwaukee. You can see the full video of Lashley's comments above.


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