Bubba Ray Dudley Q&A: Fan Hate On John Cena, The Young Bucks, Velvet Sky In WWE, Goals, More

- Bubba Ray Dudley did a Q&A with fans on Twitter yesterday. Below are some highlights:

People hating on John Cena when he's had success over the years:

Why he left TNA:

Which company he gave his best promo work in:

Roughest match he's been in:

How he feels about John Cena using the Team 3D three-finger gesture:

Goals for the present and future:

Who is the biggest influence on his career:

His honest opinion about The New Day gimmick:

If he would like to see The Young Bucks in WWE NXT:

How his body is holding up at 44:

His girlfriend Velvet Sky possibly getting in on the Divas Revolution:


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