Bubba Ray Dudley Talks New Day Being Entertaining While Being Heels, James Storm In NXT, More

This past week on Live Audio Wrestling, Bubba Ray Dudley was a guest on the show and discussed his return to the WWE, working with the New Day, a possible heel run as a singles performer in the company and more. The full show is available at this link, they sent us these highlights transcribed by Joseph Bernard:

His heel character and playing that role in WWE:

"If WWE came to me and they told me that is something that they wanted to try out I would be more than happy to go down that road since I know I've done it in the past & I know I've done it in the past well. So I definitely think it could work."

New Day balancing being entertaining and playing heels:

"I think when I go out there I go out there with a totally different mentality. My mentality is a little bit more old school and I think my mentality doesn't exactly fit perfectly into what the WWE would want out of a 'villain' or 'good guy'. What they want is entertainment and the New Day are entertaining and that's the very first thing you need to be in the WWE. So if you're entertaining and the people hate you that's fine. And if you're entertaining and the people love you that's fine - as long as you're entertaining."

James Storm's debut on NXT:

"Storm is a really great in-ring wrestler. He is really accomplished on the microphone. He is one of the guys that I worked with from Day One when I was in TNA. He was part of a very successful tag team. He did well on his own. He has a lot of years of knowledge & I think he can only help down there in NXT."

Possible relationship between WWE and Team 3-D Academy:

"It's definitely something that me and D-Von have thought about in the past. We're very proud of our school, the Team 3-D Academy. Our school is a traditional school where if someone off the street wants to become a professional wrestler they come to us and we train them and hopefully they can move on to bigger things. Only 20 minutes away is the WWE Performance Center. So if they were ever interested in possibly getting together and having something like a minor league feeder system we would definitely be interested in talking to them about something like that."

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