Cesaro Talks "Cesaro Section" Gaining Momentum, His Favorite Wrestlers To Work With

Upvoted has an interview with Cesaro, who talked about the "Cesaro Section" signs that were popping up in arenas this past summer. Below are some highlights:

The "Cesaro Section" signs:

"The first time I saw the Cesaro section was a couple years ago in Nashville and it was very cool. Since then, it has become even stronger. My favorite part about it is that it came organically and was the fans' initiative in support of me which is very humbling and makes me proud. It is something that connects me with the fans and motivates me to keep doing what I'm doing.

"I was not expecting that huge show of support [at the San Jose RAW taping] because it kind of slowed down at one point. After my two matches with John Cena it started to gain momentum again. When I walked out for the MIZ TV segment it was crazy and there were Cesaro Section signs everywhere—which was one of the coolest feelings I have had since joining WWE. After that, it just kept growing with more and more cities picking it up."

His favorite wrestlers to work with:

"There are a lot of Superstars I love being in the ring with. I tend to have great chemistry with whomever I step in the ring with because of the way I train and came up in this business. If I had to name a few, I would say people like Sheamus, Kevin Owens, and John Cena are all great guys to be in the ring with."

Cesaro also discussed injuries in the ring, if he follows Chikara, his goals, the IWC and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Upvoted


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