Charlotte And Dolph Ziggler Recreate Movie Scene, WWE NXT Gets Muddy, Noelle Foley, WWE - Mattel

- Above is the latest episode of's Ringside of Riot with Noelle Foley.

- Mattel revealed several first at Ringside Fest in New York City yesterday including their first Umaga figure, Bayley, Kevin Owens and Sasha Banks. WWE's website has an in-depth photo gallery at this link.

- WWE posted this clip of Divas Champion Charlotte and Dolph Ziggler recreating a famous scene from the "Mean Girls" movie last night:

- It was probably an interesting scene at Kmart in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday as the WWE NXT crew went in to get boots for the mud that was everywhere at the "Louder Than Life" festival. Apparently they took a camera crew in with them, as seen in this photo from NXT host Greg Hamilton:


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