Charlotte On How Divas Revolution Has Progressed, If She Gets Teased For Being Emotional, More

- WWE Divas Champion Charlotte recently spoke with Bria Fritz of to promote WWE's partnership with Susan G. Komen. The full interview is at this link. Below are a few highlights:

If she gets teased about being so emotional and crying:

No, I haven't gotten teased. I've gotten the "Oh, you're so emotional, you're like your dad," but I don't think I think it's just because no one's ever seen a father-daughter combo like me and my dad. Wrestling has been my dad's whole life and to know that that's been my whole life and that my dad has been away my whole life because of wrestling and now I'm part of something that meant everything to him. And then losing my brother, which a lot of people don't bring up. I started FCW to be with my brother and then he died about eight months later. I went through a lot in the developmental system on a personal level, so it is emotional. If anyone's lost a sibling suddenly and especially how I think some people don't really think, "Why is she so emotional?" But I definitely think that's one of Charlotte's strengths or my strengths is because I have been through a lot and I'll look on it.

Her thoughts on how the Divas Revolution has progressed:

Well, I think people always want to find something to be negative about instead of just being positive that there's three NXT girls that debuted. I know that we all feel that the Divas Revolution isn't something that just started when the three of us came up. I think the Divas Revolution has been around for along time, even since Trish (Stratus) and Lita. It's just as of right now in this moment in time, there's a bigger focus on our in-ring ability. Catching the phrase even with Bayley The Four Horsewomen, people want to pick fun and say, "What's making a revolution? They're this, they're that." But people are also getting to know who we are on the main roster. Just because we were popular on NXT and then bringing us up to the main roster, it's kind of like a slogan: Divas Revolution. It's not saying that the revolution begins or it ends or we're the revolution or this and that. It's more of just a catch phrase. We've revolutionizing women's wrestling. We have been for years now. It's just now there's new faces, new characters, more demand for women's wrestling. That's all it is.

Charlotte also discusses possibly facing Natalya again, Divas main eventing a WWE pay-per-view and more in the full interview.



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