Chris Jericho On If Brock Lesnar Gets Leeway For Blading, If Sting Should Have Gotten WWE Title Shot

On episode 189 of Talk Is Jericho, 'the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla' shared his thoughts on WWE's decision to book Sting in the main event of WWE Night of Champions and talked about whether Brock Lesnar is exempt from WWE's prohibition on blading.

When asked to explain the logic behind hotshotting Sting into a WWE World Heavyweight Championship feud with Seth Rollins, Jericho said that logic needs to be put on the shelf when you are watching professional wrestling.

"Because he's Sting and we've never seen him in the WWE and it's a new match up and it's fresh and it's something that people are going to want to see because he's in the [WWE World Heavyweight] championship match," Jericho said. "That's the difference between TNA and WWE in my opinion. [When] you come to the WWE, you're in the big leagues. You can work in TNA your whole life and be the [TNA World Heavyweight] Champion every night and be the biggest star in TNA, [but when] you come to WWE, now you're finally a star. That's the way I look at it."

As for whether Lesnar gets more leeway than other performers when it comes to WWE's strict ban on intentional bleeding, Jericho said Lesnar would get fined just like anyone else because corporate partnerships and the like are at stake.

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"[Lesnar] gets cut every single match that he has, doesn't he? Edge and I were talking about that at WrestleMania [31] too." Jericho continued, "Batista got fined $100,000 [for blading], so there you go. It's about the corporate sponsorships and the presentation, so even Brock, Vince [McMahon] would [fine]."

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Source: Talk Is Jericho


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