CM Punk Talks His Shoulder Injury, Hate On Twitter, AJ Lee, Mopping Floors At The Gym, His Movie

CM Punk, always a polarizing figure, appeared on Ariel Helwani's MMA Hour in the wake of him going off on angry baseball fans on Twitter.

You can check out highlights from Punk's interview below:

* CM Punk says life is good with his 'fake' shoulder injury.

* Punk says he only occasionally reads his mentions, and the only way to deal with the type of hate he gets on Twitter is to avoid it. He thinks people want 5 minutes of Twitter fame.

* CM Punk says nothing major is torn in his shoulder. They feared it was a labrum or rotator cuff. The injury happened at the end of August, and has improved a lot since then.

* Punk said a guy had his back and turned to get on top and had his weight on his shoulder, and just felt it pop.

* CM Punk says he mops the floors at Roufusport after practices.

* He has returned home to Chicago to nurse his shoulder injury.

* He isn't sure if the injury has delayed his timetable. He says that he wanted to fight by the end of the year, but that's a question for his coach, Duke Roufus. They'll find out in January.

* Punk planned on returning to Milwaukee this week to train, but he's paranoid about his injury.

* CM Punk wanted to hold off until he got his fight to announce his signing, but UFC wanted to announce it when they did.

* Punk says he wishes the news of his injury wouldn't have surfaced, because he has to deal with people saying he isn't going to fight.

* Punk says he'll definitely fight in the UFC.

* UFC President Dana White didn't know about his injury until the ESPN report came out. He says Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta called him to check on him after.

* He goes stir crazy sometimes. He thinks striking will be okay on his shoulder, but he's afraid grappling may injure it again. He doesn't want to delay his debut any more than he has to.

* Punk says he was having a great day in the gym until the gym, but says he's not exactly Anderson Silva.

* Punk calls his injury a freak accident.

* There have been no conversations about his debut as of yet. Duke Roufus is adamant that he spent 12 months training before he entertains the idea of a fight.

* CM Punk says the people b---hing about his debut being pushed back don't have to watch anyway.

* Punk said that UFC fighter Erik Koch in particular is helpful in keeping him focused.

* He has no plans to change fight camps when he is healthy again.

* He says that the comic book writing is doing well. He lost his computer this weekend, but TSA found it for him.

* Punk says he hates money, but it keeps the lights on. He says he's getting paid a good amount for a three day movie shoot. AJ Lee will have to do sword fighting training for the film.

* Punk talks about the Cubs-Mets series, and says that the Cubs are just a really good baseball team, and puts over Daniel Murphy in particular.

* CM Punk will be at game 3 of the NLCS.

* Punk is a little worried for the city if they win a World Series, because he doesn't want to see Chicago property destroyed.


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