Dalton Castle Talks About His Flamboyant Character, His Controversial 'Boys', Being A Fan As A Kid

Flamboyant Ring of Honor star Dalton Castle spoke to Channel Guide Mag recently about his character, his boys, and his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. You can check out highlights from the interview below, and the full post at this link.

His on-screen persona:

"It's all me, I'm pretty much living the way I have been. I was always been loud and obnoxious in high school. I kind of confused humor and loudness, so I thought if I were louder, I would make people laugh, and I would get more attention. Now I do that in the wrestling world with my voice and my actions, along with what I wear. It's all kind of drawing eyes toward me because that is what you want. I would say glam rock is a big influence of the look of everything. Anybody like a David Bowie or Freddie Mercury or the Darkness or Foxy Shazam people who go out there and perform on stage are people I look up to."

The addition of 'his boys':

"The entire thing is mine. "Nobody pitched this idea to me. Nobody said, 'Hey, we have this character for you.' It was me kind of tweaking things over the years as long as I've been wrestling. I learned the moves and slowly started putting things where they belonged. And I knew something was missing. I wasn't getting the reaction I wanted from the people. So I put on a jumpsuit. I make this big theatrical entrance, because I want people to know right away what they are getting."

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Being a wrestling fan as a child:

"I don't think there is a guy who does wrestling today that didn't in some small way love it as a child," Castle said. "I remember wearing a plastic grocery bag as a t-shirt or tank top. I would tear it off trying to be Hulk Hogan. I don't think Hulk was a big inspiration when I was little, but I used to love people like Macho Man and any masked characters. Those always got me going."


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