Dalton Castle Talks Giant Gonzalez Being Naked, Signing WIth Ring Of Honor, Who Helped Develop Him

Ring of Honor's Dalton Castle participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything this week, where he talked about his character, and of course Giant Gonzales. You can check out the highlights below, and the full post at this link.

The Young Bucks' Nick Jackson asks who is his spirit animal and why is it a Young Buck?

"Obviously it's because the tassles."

In kayfabe, did Giant Gonzales really look like that or was it a suit?

"Sorry, but you watched a real naked hairy giant man wrestle the Undertaker."

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Who helped him develop his character:

"Jimmy Olsen, Colin Delaney, Luke Harper, Cheech & Cloudy, Hell Cat were all big helps in getting me started"

Best moment of his career:

"Signing with Ring of Honor"

Favorite wrestlers:

"Davey Boy, Macho Man, Curt Hennig, Frank Gotch and Louden Swain"


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