Dan Spivey Talks The Road Warriors Taking Liberties With The Undertaker, Taker's Demeanor, More

I recently interviewed former WWF and WCW Superstar Dan Spivey, who was also known as Waylon Mercy in the 90s. During the interview, Spivey talked about teaming with Sid Vicious as the original Skyscrapers in WCW. He also talked about Mark Callaway, a.k.a. The Undertaker, taking Sid's spot in the team after Sid got injured. Spivey detailed beating up The Road Warriors with a chair after the legendary team was taking liberties with Taker during a match at the Clash of Champions 10 in early 1990.

"There was the time I beat them [Road Warriors] up with a chair," Spivey recalled. "That was in Corpus Christi [in the video above] and I felt like they were beating Mark up, and he never did anything. Just as a person, I was pissed and I beat them up with a chair after the match. After the match we were in the back and Mark said 'are we going to get in trouble for this?' and I said 'don't worry about it, kid.' He thought they were going to be pissed. We were taking off our boots and I hear them coming up the stairs cussing. They just said 'great match, guys' and that was the end of that."

Spivey said that Taker was very respectful during their time together in WCW, and put Taker over for being respectful.

"He was very respectful," Spivey said. "He never had much to say, but I could tell he had talent. It was refreshing, a young man like that so respectful of the business. He carried that on. I think Mark was one of the best to ever work in the business. He had a great gimmick and it worked well. He works hard. The guy's awesome."

Spivey also admitted that he was surprised with Taker's transformation after joining the WWF.

"(laughs) Yes, I was surprised," Spivey admitted. "The time that we were together in WCW, we would never go to strip clubs or parties, he would go straight to bed. He had crew cut, short hair. Next time I see him he's got tattoos, long hair, going to strip clubs. He did a complete 180 on me. He was such a great worker."

Make sure to check back next week for our full interview with Spivey, where Spivey talks about his first WWF run, Billy Jack Haynes suing WWF, advice he gave Bray Wyatt, why his Waylon Mercy character didn't last long, problems with the Kliq and much more.