Daniel Bryan On His Match With Roman Reigns, Wrestling Shawn Michaels, Roddy Piper, More

Daniel Bryan recently participated in a community Q&A for 2K Sports UK. You can check out the highlights below, and the full interview above.

* Bryan says he thinks Finn Balor is excellent, and loves the demon entrance. He says even without the paint, Balor is a great personality.

* Bryan puts over Neville as well, saying he's doing things that nobody else on the show is doing.

* He says the Terminator trailer is surreal, and he doesn't drink, and says it was weird to see him with a beer in the trailer.

* He was happy with his match with Roman Reigns, even if he lost. He felt very creatively fulfilled after the match.

* Bryan tells a story about wrestling in Portland on the indies, and how Roddy Piper put him over and forgot Tony Kozina's name.

* Daniel wants to wrestle Shawn Michaels, but isn't sure that HBK "wants to stop hunting long enough to have a match with him."


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