Daniel Cormier And Alexander Gustafsson Have Close Championship Fight, Jon Jones Next?

The undisputed light heavyweight champion has been determined, but that could be disputed. Does that make any sense at all? Let me explain.

Daniel Cormier successfully defended his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship at UFC 192, defeating Alexander Gutafsson in a close, split decision victory. Although both men had bright spots in the fight, Gustafsson was far too inconsistent to take the title away from the former Olympian.

Gustafsson stunned viewers by taking down Cormier, but not before Cormier turned the challenger inside out with a huge high crotch slam. As good as Gustafsson looked technically, he physically turned his back and ran from Cormier on several occasions to get back to the center of the cage, a tactic usually only seen in low-level amateur MMA.

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Cormier racked up a lot of points with strong uppercuts from the clinch, but almost got finished in the third. Gustafsson was unable to capitalize, and paid the price by not being nearly aggressive enough for the champion. After the fight, Cormier thanked Gustafsson for making him a better fighter.

Possibly waiting in the wings is former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones, who was stripped of his title earlier this year without losing it. A hit-and-run sidelined him and caused a suspension, but after receiving probation for this offense, he could be back in the UFC sooner than later. Jones actually posted a video saying that he thinks he misses MMA.

You can see full UFC 192 results at this link.


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