Dean Ambrose And Other WWE Stars On Who Should Be In WWE 2K16, IGN Reviews WWE 2K16

- IGN has their review of WWE 2K16 at this link and gave the game an 8.8 (Great) rating. They noted that while it takes a "big step back towards being the exhaustive suite of wrestling wish-fulfillment it's expected to be," it still is "as close to a fusion of performance and competition as a wrestling game has ever gotten."

- In case you missed it earlier this week, click here to check out our ownSean Ross Sapp's review of the game.

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- Speaking of WWE 2K16, MTV UK caught up with Finn Balor, Dean Ambrose and The Bella Twins, who talked about the game and which video games they grew up with. They were also asked about which former stars they would like to see in the game. Balor mentioned Tensai and Hakushi, while Ambrose picked Dick Murdoch and Pat O'Connor and The Bellas named The Jumping Bomb Angels. You can watch the feature below.


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