Dolph Ziggler Talks Nikki Bella Drama, If He Is Concerned About John Cena Being Upset

On episode 50 of the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Dolph Ziggler talked about how the current WWE roster is better than the Attitude Era's, character development, and not being worried about stepping on John Cena's toes with his Total Divas storyline with Nikki Bella.

According to Ziggler, the current WWE roster and the talent coming up through NXT right now are better than the Attitude Era roster. Also, Ziggler suggested that the current product is more focused on wrestling than the Attitude Era was.

"I get a lot of crap for saying that my generation and behind us, [who] are on the way up [to the main roster], are so good that it's not even close and you can complain and argue about everything ever, but, cool, the Attitude Era, wrestling was really in for 18 to 34 year olds who, like, love it and now we have all these guys who are so awesome at their job and it's a totally different era, but I'm very excited for how good everyone is."

When Roberts mentioned that all of Ziggler's current storylines on WWE programming center on romantic relationships, Ziggler replied, "I get it, like, I have a mirror, so I understand the deal".

Ziggler pointed out that fans should just be happy that he is finally getting some character development.

"For the longest time I was in random cold matches for 30 minutes and tore the house down for no reason and everyone complained, 'why isn't he in some kind of a story?' Now I'm in a very different type of story on [WWE Monday Night RAW, WWE Smackdown, and Total Divas] and everyone's like, 'can't he just get two [segment] matches?'" Ziggler continued, "I'm finally getting some character development! It's on Total Divas, but we're getting down to some real life stuff and it's pretty good!"

When asked whether he was concerned about Cena being upset by his Total Divas storyline with Nikki Bella, Ziggler replied that he does not mind stepping on a few toes.

"After a while, you reach a certain point to where you know what your talent is, you know what you're capable of, and you have to not care. And 10 years ago, Attitude Era guys told me to step on some toes. How am I not doing that right now? You have to not give a damn to stand up for what you want to do and that's what I'm doing."

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Source: Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast


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