EC3 Facebook Q&A: TNA And India, What Titles He Wants To Hold, EC3 Character Outside Of TNA

Former TNA World Champion Ethan Carter III launched his official website, and held a Facebook Q&A in order to celebrate it. You can check out a few highlights of the session below, and the full Q&A at his Facebook page.

If he'll wrestle in Italy:

"I'll wrestle there, and I'll follow you if you get me booked there. How about that."

What it's like to be EC3:

"I have a sweet girlfriend, a lovely house, a nice car, a great tan, some cool muscles, great friends, and most importantly TWO CATS"

Out of these titles, which do you want to win one day. NWA world title, IWGP world title, WWE, Lucha or the ROH? or do you only main for some specific ones?

"All at once."

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His favorite things about being a wrestler:

"Creative outlet/ not working real job"

TNA and India:

"I'm heading over Saturday. It will be great, looking forward to it much. We will do things there that have not yet been done."

Could the EC3 character work outside of TNA?

"It could work just about anywhere."

Don't forget to check out EC3's new Facebook fan page, as well as his website.


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