EC3 Releases Statement Regarding Injunction Against Matt Hardy

EC3 released a statement on Facebook regarding the storyline injunction against TNA World Champion Matt Hardy. You can see the full statement below.

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My name is Ethan Carter the Third (the third of my name,) the only undefeated World Champion in TNA History and, as preposterous as this is to say, the only undefeated former World Champion in Wrestling History.

For the two years I've been in TNA I have thrived and succeeded. Like many, I started at the very bottom, I had to earn my successes. Fortunately I was blessed with determination, resolution, a formidable skill set, and most importantly, unwavering fan support. Through these gifts, the world watched on 7/01/15 EC3 (me) defeat the greatest champion of our time, Kurt Angle, and culminate a life's work by becoming THE World Champion.

One does not take that honor lightly. As my reign as champion began, I made a promise wrestling fans across the globe that the sanctity of that title would be upheld. The World Title would be contested with one thing in mind.


Well FAIR COMPETITION is not what transpired on 10/04/15 in Charlotte, NC.

Collusion is defined as "secret cooperation for an illegal purpose" and in the court of public opinion, allow me to present you with the facts.

-The owner of the company, with her own interests in mind, change the originally scheduled EC3 v. Galloway World Title Match, to a triple threat AFTER the contracts were signed.

-The owner of the company changed the official of the contest without giving the champion more than one week's notification.

-The official is not only a disgruntled former employee of the champion but also the FREAKING BROTHER OF THE CHALLENGER.

-The official was directly involved in the match's conclusion by assaulting the champion.

Those are simply the facts.

These facts, this evidence of collusion, was enough that my legal team saw and was granted an injunction via the seventh circuit court that prevents Matt Hardy from appearing on Impact Wrestling as TNA World Champion.

Matt Hardy has two options now. Relinquish the title back to my possession, striking your win from the record books, and I will see it fit you have a one-on-one match in a fair setting, or, never appearing on TNA Television again.

I am the champion this company needs, and even through this tumultuous time I still feel deserves.

Justice will be served.

Thank you,
Ethan Carter III