EC3 Talks Speculation About TNA's Future, WWE Not Giving Him The Chance To Shine, BFG Match Change

Ring Rust Radio recently interviewed TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III. You can download and listen to the full interview by clicking here, they sent us these highlights:

It was just announced that you will be defending the world title against Drew Galloway in the main event of Bound for Glory on October 4. How are you approaching a match of this magnitude and what does it mean to you to be main eventing the company's biggest PPV?


"Well I just mentioned how my sports car is European, and that is the extent of how I like Europeans is in my cars. Professional wrestlers that are European I don't care for. Drew Galloway hails from Scotland, he is six foot 5, weighs 260, and is one of the toughest guys in wrestling. For me to have the chance to main event Bound for Glory with him is a huge opportunity and I couldn't be more excited for it. It is the biggest show of the year for TNA and I am the biggest thing in TNA, seeing it as I am the world heavyweight champion, I am unbendable, unbreakable, unbeatable, undefeated, and undisputed it only makes sense. It's only fitting that I main event Bound for Glory but it is still a great honor and responsibility to deliver."


Many fans felt yourself and Drew Galloway didn't get a fair shot in WWE, so heading into the Bound for Glory main event, so have you two spoken about the faith and support you've received from TNA to give you two the chance many feel you deserve?

"Yes, I would say that. You caught me off guard with a serious question of that nature. This has been an opportunity for us and we have proved our detractors wrong since we stepped foot in TNA. It's just another opportunity to exploit that chip on your soldier that helps make you great in this business. I think you need the angst and energy to motivate your performance. Not that that would motivate it more then I was previously motivated, but it's there and real and we are ready for that chance."

You still haven't lost a televised singles match in TNA by pinfall or submission. Long undefeated streaks can lead to some backlash from fans from time to time, which isn't necessarily a bad thing for you as a heel, but how do you go about keeping things fresh and ensuring that the streak doesn't become a detriment?

"Man, this is a championship caliber question! There has not been a pinfall or submission on me since my debut with TNA as a singles wrestler. It was kind of happenstance and also unique what we have going on. As an antagonist, it's a great boasting point for me to constantly refer to me as being undefeated while most of my wins come at dastardly deeds. As far as a detriment, I could see that more so if I was being portrayed as an unconquerable world beater like a Bill Goldberg when he was undefeated. As far as me, I think there is an opportunity for when that time does come; they must absolutely create a brand new star out of that."


During your run with TNA, you have worked against Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashley and some of the top talents in the business. Who have you enjoyed working with the most and how has the talent around you helped elevate your game?

"You mentioned three names that are pretty significant IN THE industry. Kurt Angle definitely, that title match with him and being able to defeat him was a dream match come true to me. One guy you didn't mention is Matt Hardy. Matt came over to TNA and he was the first credible challenger for my title. He helped bring the best out of me in different way from working a full metal mayhem match to other natures. Being able to be in the ring with those guys and TNA giving me the chance has helped in making me great."

I say it on this show all the time, but I consider you a top talent in the wrestling industry due to your mic skills and ability to generate heat. Why do you think WWE never gave you the proper chance to shine and what has TNA done to help you become a top star in the business?

"As far as what happened in the past, there is an old saying, 'I heard from someone over there' and it is what it is. Why didn't I get the chance? Maybe I did something wrong, maybe I didn't hold up my end, or maybe I held in a little too much as opposed to being more who I am. TNA has given me the opportunity to creatively express myself and the freedom to go out there and try something whether it fails or succeeds. I'm the first one to know if I did something good or bad out there. Having the ability to go out there and do that, coming to the back and it's not something you're being modest about. That's where constructive criticism helps.


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"Basically I feel you get better in wrestling through having more confidence and TNA has done everything to give me great confidence by giving me a great opportunity and the best opponents. Everything they have given to me has been so good, pure, pristine, and awesome to where if it didn't succeed it would be because I suck, and clearly I don't."

There's been a lot written and said about TNA regarding its future, specifically with Destination America. As the world champion and top guy in the company right now, how do the rumors and speculation impact you, and what are your overall thoughts on them?

"They are just rumors and speculation, my only problem is when people portray those as facts. I do not know our future besides Aunt Dixie telling me we are on Destination America through the end of the year, I have full confidence in the higher ups and the office and my sweet Aunt D that we will be well taken care of and somewhere on television."

Source: Ring Rust Radio