Forbes On Problems With Brock Lesnar Vs. Undertaker Feud, Dean Ambrose On His Character, WWE Shop

- Alfred Konuwa has an article at Forbes about how the inconsistencies in the Brock Lesnar - Undertaker feud have hurt the build for their match at Hell In A Cell this Sunday. It was noted that Taker had been playing more of the desperate heel during their feud this year, only for Lesnar to play the cowardly heel on last night's RAW. Here is part of what he wrote:

WWE is better served staying the course with The Undertaker as a villain. Even if some fans cheer for a heel Undertaker out of blind loyalty, the cheers will come with more emotion and passion, which is an upgrade to the confusion and apathy created by flip-flopping characters. A heel Undertaker also establishes continuity stemming from his recent actions.

With Undertaker now playing the role of the hero out of nowhere, this does not represent the end to an epic feud that changed the course of wrestling history. Instead, this match now seems like a one-off.

It's an interesting read, you can check out the full article by clicking here.

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- October's issue of Total Wrestling Magazine is available now to download for just £3 from Google Play, App Store or at this link. The issue features an interview with Dean Ambrose, who talked about the development of his character.

"There is no creative process to come up with a character of Dean Ambrose," Ambrose said. "Dean Ambrose is a collective experience of 29 years of life. It's the good, bad and the ugly after 10 years plus of wrestling."

The issue also looks into WWE's Divas Revolution and features an interview with TNA's Jeremy Borash. You can check it out by clicking here.


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