Former Sin Cara Gets Yet Another New Name

The former Mistico turned to the former Sin Cara turned to the former Myzteziz has a new name he'll be using in CMLL- Mystic 2.0.

As we mentioned two days ago, Mystic 2.0 left AAA for CMLL in a surprise move. AAA issued a press release stating that they weren't planning on pursuing legal action against Mystic 2.0, real name Luis Ignacio Urive Alvirde. That decision hinges on the condition that he didn't keep using the Myzteziz name he'd made in AAA.

One would think that Alvirde could go back to using the original Mistico name, which isn't the case. As it turn out, Carlos Gonzalez, brother of Rush, is currently portraying the gimmick in CMLL. Instead, Alvirde will have to settle for Mystic 2.0.

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Alvirde also portrayed Sin Cara for a couple of years in the WWE, before Hunico would eventually take it over and play the role to this day. Ironically, Hunico was also under the Mistico mask in Mexico before Alvirde took that over.

There are also rumors circulating that Alvirde's real-life heat with former WWE Champion and MMA fighter Alberto Del Rio is one of the factors in his decision to leave AAA. Alvirde's brothers Argenis and Argos have also left AAA.


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