The former Sin Cara and former Mistico, will now also be the former Myzteziz, as he has left Mexican promotion AAA, and will no longer be allowed to use the Myzteziz name.

Real name, Luis Ignacio Urive Alvirde, Myzteziz turned heads this weekend as he appeared at CMLL’s Arena Mexico show last Friday night completely unadvertised. After the event, Alvirde told people that he wanted to fulfill his obligations to AAA and then come back to CMLL.

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As it turns out, he won’t be fulfilling his AAA obligations, as the company published an official statement saying that they owned his name and he wouldn’t be permitted to use it. The company apparently doesn’t plan to pursue legal action unless that occurs. Myzteziz hasn’t appeared at any of his scheduled AAA bookings since.

Myzteziz will likely go back to using his heavily popular Mistico gimmick, which has since been passed on to another wrestler, but not met with near the success of Alvirde. In addition to this, Alvirde’s brothers, Argos and Argenis, also both left AAA. Argenis is actually a title holder in Lucha Underground with the Disciples of Death, so this could also affect them.

It was said on Wrestling Observer Radio this week that a contributing factor in Alvirde’s decision to leave AAA was heat between himself and Alberto Del Rio. The two went back and forth on Twitter recently, with Del Rio, now known as El Patron, threatening to beat up Myzteziz.