– Rycklon Stephens, who appeared as Ezekiel Jackson in WWE, has reportedly retired from wrestling.

According to the Facebook page of German promotion Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw), Stephens told promoters that his match for the league today was the last of his career.

Stephens left WWE last year after starting his career in the company in 2007. Since then, he has been working for Lucha Underground and various independent promotions under the name Big Ryck. He captured the ECW World Heavyweight Championship in 2010, and is recognized by WWE as the final holder of the title. He is also a one-time Intercontinental Champion.

– WWE.com issued this poll today asking fans who is the greatest Divas Champion of all-time. AJ Lee, who won the title on three occasions, currently has over 50% of the votes cast thus far.

– It was reported last week that Jasmin Areebi will be known as Aliyah in NXT. She confirmed the name change on Instagram as her account is now located at instagram.com/wwealiyah.