FOX Sports On Batista Marrying "Pole Dancer," Chris Jericho Reveals Terrible RAW Guest Hosts, More

- As noted, former WWE Superstar Batista married Sarah Jade last weekend in Florida. FOX Sports has an article about Batista's marriage here, and noted that Jade is a competitive pole dancer. They also included the video above of Jade.

- In case you missed it in our "Photos" section earlier this week, below is a photo of Chris Jerico, MVP, Fit Finlay and William Regal at the wedding. As noted, Titus O'Neil was at the wedding as well.

- Speaking of Jericho, FOX Sports has another article at this link regarding Jericho's comments about terrible RAW guest hosts in his interview with them this past week. He singled out Al Sharpton, Dennis Miller and NASCAR stars Kyle Busch and Joey Logano for their poor performances.

"Bob Barker, awesome. Ozzy Osbourne, great. Mike Tyson, amazing," Jericho said of the best guest hosts. "And some of them were the drizzling s---. Those two NASCAR drivers, I don't remember who they were. Al Sharpton, awful, awful. Dennis Miller, terrible! But you have to go out there and try and make them look as good as you can."


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