George St-Pierre Says He's Starting To Get The Itch To Return To Fighting

George St-Pierre has been out of the UFC Octagon for two years, and if a recent interview is any indication, he may be nearing a return to the UFC.

GSP stepped away following a close win over Johny Hendricks in 2013. The longtime Welterweight kingpin cited personal issues, as well as poor drug testing at the time as reasons why he opted to take time off. Since then, the company has revamped their drug testing methods.

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"I'm starting to get the taste, more and more, to come back," St-Pierre said recently when speaking to RDS in Canada recently. "I watch the fights to see what's going on in my division, and I'm staying in shape.

It's worth noting that GSP's training partner Rory MacDonald said on a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything that he doesn't think St-Pierre will return to action to go after the Welterweight title. Instead, MacDonald thinks GSP would return for superfights. Either way, GSP says he's keeping his skills sharp.

"It's like a knife that I have to keep sharp just in case I ever decide to jump back in the mix. It is pretty sure that it won't happen in 2015, but I don't know yet. I'm training hard. As you can see, I have some bumps and bruises. I didn't get these from falling down stairs."

GSP's return would be a huge shot in the arm, who already have big pay-per-view draws in Jon Jones, Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor.


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