How Old Is Edge Today?, Daughters Of WWE Legends On "Table For 3", Renee Young Talking To Lita

- WWE Hall of Famer Edge turns 42 years old today while former WWE star Alex "The Pug" Porteau turns 46.

- A new episode of "Table For 3" will premiere on the WWE Network this Wednesday at 4pm EST with Tamina Snuka, Natalya and WWE Divas Champion Charlotte. Here's the synopsis:

"Natalya, Tamina and Charlotte share stories of what it was like growing up in sports entertainment and being part of WWE family royalty."

- A new episode of "Unfiltered" with Renee Young will premiere right after that at 4:30pm EST. The special guest is Lita. Below is the description:

"Renee sits down with former WWE Diva Lita to discuss her new role within WWE, butterflies and a Twitter moment with a famous rap legend."


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