Huge WWE 2K16 Gameplay Preview, Note Regarding NXT Divas Being Left Out, More 2K16 Features

- Kinda Funny Games Plays has a huge WWE 2K16 Gameplay preview, with over 45 minutes of game play action, which you can see above. Xavier Woods also makes a cameo at the start of the video. Wrestling Inc will have a full review of WWE 2K16 next

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- A note regarding Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Bayley and Sasha Banks being left out of WWE 2K16, the 2K16 developers said that there were several reasons, including commentary recording, that would prevent the Divas from being in the game. However, Samoa Joe, who debuted this summer, will be available as DLC.

- The game has also added new animations when steel chairs are being used, as well as changes to the reversal system. Steel chairs will now break more naturally when used on an opponent. Also, each Superstar starts with a certain number of reversals they can use, with the ability to earn more throughout the match.


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