Hurricane Helms Talks Losing To HHH, Trying To Get Austin Aries Hired By WWE, Monday Night War, More

Shane Helms, who appeared on TNA Bound For Glory last Sunday, participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything recently, and spoke out on several things in his career. You can see some highlights below, and the full post at this link.

HHH beating him right after his feud with The Rock:

"Unnecessary but he was great to work with. It didn't hurt me."

How long after WCW he got a call for WWE:

"I got called the very next week."

His favorite match in WWE:

"Me and Lance Storm vs Hardy's for WCW Tag Titles at No Way Out."

Post-Hurricane Katrina house show:

"I ASKED to get taken off of a Louisianna show after Hurricane Katrina."

WWE's portrayal of WCW:

"It was a bit stressful but I had friends there, so I was cool. WWE loves to rub in that they won they Monday Night Wars, and they have every right to, cuz they did."

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WWE plans in 2006 before his injury:

"The plan was for me and Chavo to run as a team."

Most pain he's felt in the ring:

"Heidenreich was walking to the ring and ref told me our match had been cut down to 90 seconds. I felt my soul and will to live actually leave my body."

Changes he would have made to the cruiserweight division when he was champion:

"I woulda brought in more guys. I ran though the division. I needed more bodies to work with and I needed the guys that I was working with to step up and try new stuff. I tried to get guys like Austin Aries and a few others hired, but they only wanted to use developmental guys, none of which I knew, that I recall."

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