ICP Talk About Hanging Out With Vince McMahon, Chris Benoit Going Off, Curses Out CM Punk, More

Controversial music group and former WWE and WCW talents Insane Clown Posse participated in a Reddit AMA recently, where they talked about their time in professional wrestling. You can see some highlights below, and the full post at this link.

Hanging out with Vince McMahon-

"Yes indeedy. we sat up in the stands just me, J and Vince--that alone was a wig blower. He mustve done his homework on us because he asked us about our Big Grim Tim contest which was a crazy contest we had where you could go camping with one of our crazy bus drivers back in the day. Just him knowing that had my tongue dryer than a crows tongue doing the cinnamon challenge. then after that we got no play from Vince but it was f--king awesome.--S2D"

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Stories from WCW:

"There were a lot of good times in WCW. In WWE we were kinda took us as a joke and a lot of people didnt like us cuz they didnt think we paid our dues. But WCW boys knew us from ECW and WWE and treated us with mad respect. I have 2 stories. First one, when Vampiro was feuding with Sting, they had us up on the jumbotron we were supposed to stay on the edge, so it was a surprise when we came out to the ring and me and Vamp were leaning back against this rig. J was leaning back too but you could clearly see the silhouette of his belly sticking out, so everyone could tell we were back there. The other one was they used to have freestanding square box built in the hallway where you would stand and do promos with Mene Gene. You'd stand there for hours and film a bunch of them. One time Chris Benoit was doing an interview and we were supposed to be up next and Vampiro just started banging on the door as loud as he could, totally interrupting the interview and then me and Vamp bolted as fast as we could, leaving J behind. And then Chris Benoit whipped the door open and totally schooled J because he thought J had done it. --S2D"

CM Punk trashing them:

"I dont think it was kafaybe because otherwise we would know about it, but who gives a f--k about him? He has no bearing on our career so f--k him.--S2D"


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